Monday, September 6, 2010

Aaaaaaand ACTION!

Here starts the beginning of a new adventure...blogging. I know, I know, it sounds exciting and a little dangerous! Can I conquer this quest? Only time will tell, my friends.
 So let's start with the who and why: we've all heard of 'Superwoman', she's amazing; strong, beautiful, and noble, she fights for justice and peace, she saves lives, etc, etc, etc... yada, yada, yada... blah, blah blah. (For a more detailed description of this "superwoman" read Proverbs 31.) A few overly nice friends have tried to bestow her title upon me, and while I would love to accept it - I'm not her. However, I am in fact, her stunt double! That's right, I'm known as 'Lady Multi-Tasker'! (Not quite as glamorous, is it?) While 'Superwoman' stands in the spotlight, soaking up the praises of her fans, I work silently and diligently in the background, rolling with the punches. I have to do the "dirty work" like; cleaning up messes, breaking up fights, and enforcing the law. Even worse, things like giving baths, kissing booboo's, and squeezing knowledge into little heads! When in the throes of these events I'm rarely patient, quite often make the wrong decision, and hardly ever without someone else's bodily fluid somewhere on me. However, my job does have perks: hugs, kisses, I love you's, and the most rewarding but very rare event of watching the fruits of my labor lived out positively through them. Those things make my job worth the bruises and sticky clothes!

So you're wondering about the "them" that I'm referring to? Well, let me introduce you! I am married to 'Super Intelligent Man' or known only to me as 'Sexy Intelligent Witty and Musically Inclined Man' (gasp - you're speechless, I know, close your mouth, wipe the drool, he's taken, so move on)! 'Super Intelligent Man' is never without his Sword of the Spirit, he is always on the watch for someone to share this knowledge with, so make sure you have your pen and paper ready to take notes! He will also charm you and simultaneously make you pee your pants with his wittiness (pack a change of underwear)!

Nearly 6 1/2 years ago 'Intelligent Man' and I decided to procreate (who wouldn't want little supers?). But somewhere, somehow, something went wrong and before we knew it we had 4 miniature villains! First came 'Madame Prissy Pants' who thinks and acts 10 years older than she really is. Prissy likes to be bossy and likes things just so, and if you don't follow her lead she will fall apart, her cries can be heard miles away and her tears will flood her surroundings in a matter of minutes. The trick is figuring out how to let her be just grown up enough without letting her think she's THE grown up.

Next came 'The Invisible Z Girl' who is ruled by her emotions. She will only be visible when she is darn well ready, otherwise she wants no attention whatsoever. If you breech that wall and try to get in without her permission, you've ruined your chances of reaching her forever! Cross her (in other words, correct her) or embarrass her and you'd better cover your ears, she can deafen every living thing within 10 miles, just a small shrill will shatter glass (only plastic cups are allowed here). To handle Z takes great care and understanding (also lots of reassurance and cuddling).

Then there was 'Little Ms. Funny Bones' whose very birth had us on the edge of our seats. Her shenanigans keep everyone on their toes and her silliness makes it near impossible to discipline her. (You try keeping a straight face when she's completely naked with Barbie stickers on her boobies and scaling the walls, croaking like a frog!) Her "jester" personality means laughter is inevitable in her presence. She can also cripple you with her pouty face and puppy eyes. Still being under 2 years old we haven't quite figured out how to defeat this one, but we're not giving up!

And last but definitely not least by any stretch of the imagination is 'Gargantuan Boy' whose sheer size will put you in shock. Although not green, he resembles 'The Incredible Hulk'! Only time will tell if he keeps his physique. There are no "tricks" with this one yet, he's still brand new and quite helpless, he's easily satisfied by shoving a boob in his mouth or talking baby talk to him.

Our villain offspring are not really "evil", but in the battle of the home, it's us against them. Who will be victorious? I know who is supposed to prevail, but doing so is only possible by the help of our leader 'The Almighty One', whose guidance, grace, and mercy we depend on. We are not "super" or "special" at all without Him, it is in fact He that holds the power! We are but vessels He uses to bring about His mighty plan! We are honored to be used by Him and that He chose us to fulfill this mission. And while I am nowhere near 'Superwoman' aka Proverbs 31 woman, with Him I can strive every day to be a better 'Lady Multi-Tasker'!


  1. Jenn, you are amazing! Not only do you homeschool, take care of a hubby and 4 kiddos, make cakes and clothes and costumes and diapers....but you also write. sigh. I need to find a hobby. Loved reading every bit of your intro....especially the stickers on the boobies part! ;) Great job Mama!

  2. Jenn, you are so talented! Even though we don't have kiddos (yet), I want to be like you when I grow up! :-) Loved reading this, and look forward to many more. Love ya!

  3. I hope you do consider me not only your mom but your friend too. And I must say I am not just one of the overly nice friends who say you are a Proverbs 31 lady. I am the mom that says it too! I am amazed at how you turned out to be such an awesome mom and wife being brought up without that kind of example. The example you live in front of others. Loved the description of those precious grandbabies of mine! Love those babies & their mommy too!!!