Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another Late Post

So 8 days ago my blog turned 1 year old! The time really went very quickly and I don’t feel I have much to show for it. I really wish I had more written but with the big girls doing school year round, Funny Bones moving from toddler to preschooler, and The Boy moving from baby to toddler, life has been just a TAD bit busy.
Just a tad.

Hopefully the next year will see more thoughts magically transferred from my brain to my computer. I may need to give my telepathy a good pep talk!

Man, how cool would that be?!?! All my thoughts just written out for me! Well, maybe not ALL of them!

It just so happens to be our busiest time of year right now. We’ve got a mini vacay in a few weeks, FB 3rd b-day (sob), Zoo Boo, the Texas Renaissance Festival, and of course all the Holidays! We’ve also gotten back in the swing of activities with our home school group. So, if I plan effectively I can get in some good writing time and get posts up throughout!

Thanks for hanging here with me and all my craziness!

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