Friday, August 19, 2011

Gargantuan Boy

Happy 1st Birthday (plus 2.5 weeks) to the first man child in our family! Each of the villains reminds me of God’s awesomeness in their own way, and The Boy being the 4th child is just another example of how God has perfect timing! The Boy has BY FAR been the crankiest and least content baby… period. I tried finding excuses for it, “When his reflux gets better he’ll be happier because he’ll be more comfortable” “When he can roll over he’ll be happier because he can lay however he wants to” “When he can crawl he’ll be happier because he can play and get around” “When he can walk he’ll be happier because he can play and get around better” but I’m lying to myself, really. He’s getting more independent and more easily distracted, but overall, still cranky. He’s just a needy kinda guy, and that’s ok because I can handle it WAY better now than I would’ve if he had been the 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd kid. I would not have been ready for him before now. God knows what He’s doing people.

At birth The Boy was absolutely gargantuan (hence the title Gargantuan Boy), weighing in at 10lbs 8oz. He kept his gargantuan physique right up until he started walking. Now he’s lost a lot of baby fat and is looking more and more like a boy instead of a baby. He is still keeping his gargantuan height though and was a little over the 98th percentile at his 1 year well-visit. He comes up to FB shoulder already and she’s even our tallest girl so far! It won’t be long before he’s looking me straight in the eyes, and shortly after I’ll be looking UP to see his face! But if I think about that too much I’ll cry, so moving on.

Mr. and I can already see, even now, how inquisitive he is about the workings of things. He likes putting things in (of everything) and taking things out (of everything), he likes opening and closing, he pokes and prods and points as his little brain figures it out. There is no trashcan lid that can keep him out, nor baby gate that can keep him from turning off his sisters’ movies. He’s a thinker and a doer, and just like the girls, he surprises me every day with his intelligence. Oh, maybe that’s it, maybe his intelligence so surpasses his physical abilities that he’s just frustrated by his limitations! Yep, that must be why he’s always cranky. ;-)

I hope he stays inquisitive and intellectually curious. I’m looking forward to what this new personality brings to our family!

My boy’s first year went by faster than any of the girls ever did. I even tried extra hard to enjoy each and every little moment with him as a newborn knowing it would end too quickly. I tried not to rush through the things that seemed like chores, like diaper changes and baths. I stared at him while he nursed and didn’t mind so much when he preferred to sleep in my arms at night instead of in his crib only two and a half feet away. When he was cranky and uncomfortable from his reflux, I enjoyed him. When he was cranky and uncomfortable from who-knows-what, I enjoyed him (mostly, hehe). Yet no matter how much I tried to hang on to his “babyness”, it still slipped through my fingers.

I guess there’s only one thing left to do… get another one! Ha!

(Mr. Intelligent Man just choked on his coffee)

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