Friday, August 19, 2011

Catching Up

Our computer (a.k.a my right arm) was dead for about a month. It was awful at first but after I got used to it I actually got some much needed things done around here! I got a few more things sewn, cleaned out some closets, and found more reasons to get out of the house! Blessing in disguise, indeed!
However, there were also some down sides to it. Instead of creating an adorable monster themed 1st b-day party for Gargantuan Boy, I had to settle for a completely unoriginal, store bought, football themed party (that’s ok, the cuteness will be redeemed next year).  We will also be starting school 3 weeks after I had originally planned. Which stinks but also not awful, I mean, after all, I am the teacher of my own school! Ha!
So this week I have spent oodles of time in front of the computer but for good reason. I am soooo close to being completely ready for school to start on Monday I can taste it! I will be able to finish today for sure! And that feels good! PP will be a 2nd grader (and has literally been counting down the days until we start again for the past few weeks), Z Girl will finish the Kindergarten she started last year and perhaps start 1st in January. FB will be doing Pre K when she’s interested, and The Boy will be undoing and ripping up everything we create. We are all very excited!
So now I’m going to (2.5 weeks late) get to writing The Boy’s b-day blog and then laminate some school stuff. My laminating machine is my best friend.

I. LOVE. Laminating.

Here's my pile for today (and I've already done quite a bit before this)!
It feels good to be catching up and hopefully I’ll be able to blog more frequently!

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  1. Sometimes a break is a good thing, my friend! And really, being your own school's teacher means flexibility. It's not about when you start, how much you do, or even the Grades. It's about the learning and the fun they all have! HUGS!