Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mr. Intelligent Dad

Happy Father's Day Mr. Intelligent Dad! It's a privilege to have a dad (and husband) who is committed to his family in every way! Our well-being is always your priority and we are blessed to call you ours!

Here are a few of our daddy/baby memories...

Mr. Dad kissing Prissy Pants. She was about 2 months old here, and yes, that's her real hair!

 Mr. Dad and me checking out our brand new Z Girl. Our first taste of her "I'll do it when I'm ready" personality was the torturously long 2nd stage of labor (hence the slightly comatose mom)!

Mr. Dad teaching Funny Bones to walk, which we would later wish hadn't happened for a few more months! 

Mr. Dad constructing, Gargantuan Boy destroying (and tasting).

Here are a few desktop backgrounds I made for Mr. Dad for Father's Day!


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