Monday, December 20, 2010

K 4 Z

My sweet baby Z Girl is 4 years old and has been doing K work in school this year. She learned to recognize, name, speak, breathe, juggle, and be friends with the entire alphabet and numbers 0-10 last year. Shapes and colors, been there - done that. She's pretty much done everything PP has done from the very beginning and learned right along with her, it's amazing! I teach PP, and both of them learn! How cool is that? So anyway, Z was bored to tears with PreK stuff but I was afraid to buy her K curriculum this year since villain #4 was due to arrive just as school was starting and I didn't want to overwhelm myself (pretty sure that was a run-on sentence. That's right, I be teaching my kids at home!). I ended up getting Z a huge K workbook from the bookstore and every day she wanted to tackle it like 6 pages at a time! And now she's finished it. Smarty pants. If I can ever get my Math-U-See account and my visa check card on the same wavelength then Z will get her Primer workbook and start official math.

We have, however, started learning to read with Valerie Bendt's 'Reading Made Easy'. This is what PP used to learn to read last year and it worked fantastically! I wasn't sure how Z was going to do with reading since she's only 4 and went into it with expectations of going very slowly. But, Reading Made Easy doesn't require the child to recognize the letters or know their sounds in order to start, so Z already knowing them put her at an advantage (as it did PP last year). Z is doing so well, of course, she's always one step ahead of me! She's reading short sentences and last week started learning how to read words with silent letters in them! Way to go Z Girl! In our house, Reading Made Easy makes learning to read easy and fun! Hopefully it will prove consistent with FB and the Boy!

And now, for your viewing pleasure and because her eyes and smile are too stunning not to share, here is my amazing Invisible Z Girl who comes out every so often for a good photo and leaves me speechless! 

Just look at those lashes!

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