Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Prissy Pants is a Smarty Pants

Since starting PP with official math curriculum last year I've learned that anyone can be a math whiz!  Sure, some will pick it up easier than others, but really it just takes learning it the right way and getting an understanding of it to become a math whiz!  In the public school setting it takes someone with a natural knack for numbers to truly succeed and especially to retain it.  Math just isn't taught correctly and there is not enough one-on-one for it to make sense to each individual child. In my opinion.

When choosing a math curriculum I did my "homework" and read countless reviews.  I don't personally know anyone who uses Math-U-See but the reviews sucked me in.  Just the name was convincing enough for me!  I want my kids (and myself along the way) to be able to SEE the reasons behind math.  To really understand it and not approach it as a four letter word like I did through my entire 13 years in public school!

PP and I both were excited to start our new math workbook, Math-U-See Primer, last year for Kindergarten!  There were a few instances of struggle, but it mostly revolved around learning to ignore distractions and focus on the task.  Overall, she proved to be a math whiz and loved opening up that workbook the entire year!  This year we've moved on to Alpha and more times than not she's working alone and I'm checking it when she's done - I wasn't expecting that to happen for a few more years!  She loves math and never complains about having to do it.  I'm even learning a few things myself and I'm actually looking forward to the middle school and high school level math!  I can't wait to finally get it! Math-U-See was definitely the right choice for our family and we highly recommend it! What mom doesn't want to see their child smile this big when doing math? MUS = two thumbs up from each of us!

Since PP finished learning to read with Reading Made Easy last year, I wasn't sure what to do about reading this year.  I decided to work on reading comprehension.  Every day PP grabs an early reader from our stack (that we received from a teacher friend a few years ago), she takes it to her room, reads it twice, then comes to me for a "quiz".  I thought being able to comprehend what she reads would take some practice, but I noticed even last year while learning to read that she was really getting what she was reading. Needless to say, our reading comprehension is going extremely well this year!  Most days she pretty much recites the book to me!  I can always tell when she's got toys on the brain and really just wants to finish reading and go play, but even still, she's doing fantastic!

My kids abilities to learn so quickly and easily never cease to amaze me! Thank God for children who love to learn and who can understand and retain it!

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