Friday, December 3, 2010

Portrait Perfect

My family was in dire need of family portraits and since I've always done the "set the timer and run" thing, I wanted to find another, more professional, photographer to get some great shots of us. I looked around, and WOW, professional portraits are expensive! I know there is a lot of work put into taking and editing pictures (I do a fraction of it fairly often and it is tedious), but it looks like I'm just gonna have to get better at setting the timer and running into position!

So that's what I did. I dressed my family in coordinating outfits, chose a location, and did my best. My ideal location was completely full of people, so we settled on a place nearby. Funny Bones' nap ran late that day so we ran out of daylight before I was happy with what I had. My flash battery was dying so it only flashed some of the time and I had great shots that I couldn't recover. It was getting chilly so after our group shot we bundled the boy up in his car seat so I didn't get any shots of just him. However, despite all the frustrations and my lack of photo taking and editing knowledge, I was still able to get some good shots. Not having the money to pay a professional just means more practice for me, right?

Drum roll, please...

Those were my favorites of the bunch.  Hopefully next time we'll have more daylight, charged batteries, warmer weather, and a more knowledgeable me!!

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