Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fake Banana

All of our villains have two middle names, and Funny Bones middle names are Faith Amanda. When we told Prissy Pants and Z Girl what FB's name was going to be we got a hilarious reaction. PP said, "Fake Banana?!" with an enormous amount of confusion in her voice and on her face! Needless to say, "Fake Banana" started out as FB's nickname (and I just realized that Fake Banana and Funny Bones share the same initials - awesome)! Although, it has evolved now, and she's most often called "Bake". So in honor of my Fake Banana, aka Bake, aka Funny Bones turning 2, this blog is about her!

FB has had me on my toes since her conception! It was a bit of a surprise since it happened sooner than I expected. Her birth was quick and dramatic, we had to stop at a closer hospital than planned since it was happening so fast and she was out before we could even get to a room! Things were quiet for a while after that, she was a good baby, and a happy one. But little did I know what we were in for as soon as she was mobile! She's always assumed she could keep up with the big girls and is livid if it doesn't work out that way. There is no off button for FB, she's always full-speed. With all the broken, trashed, and destroyed items (by her hand), ER visits, close-calls, and mild heart attacks that she's given us, it's a good thing she's so darn cute and has a natural ability to make people laugh, or else I'm afraid Intelligent Man and I would have given her away to a desperate, childless couple a long time ago!

She's definitely been my most challenging kid, and all I can do is pray that the boy doesn't break that record! But when I think of how she challenges me I see that it's really a blessing. While it may not seem so at the time, she helps me to be a better parent. I have learned to be more aware of what exactly my children are doing, to be more observant! I doubt I'll ever look back and wish I hadn't watched them so intently! I only wish I had learned to pay more attention to the seemingly small things when PP and Z were small. I'm so afraid that I may have missed some precious things while trying so hard to be the "right" parent and doing the "right" thing, instead of just simply watching every little moment. Not in a paranoid, worried way, but a loving, "I don't want to miss this" way. I still have to check myself at times to make sure I'm not missing the good parts! I thank God for making FB who she is, even when I feel overwhelmed by her personality. God doesn't make mistakes, He placed each of these personalities with us and gave us the tools to help each of them reach their potential, both in Him and on this Earth. What a privilege to know that God says I'm the best mother for them! As long as I remember to go to Him for help with these little personalities He created, then I can do this right!

So, to wrap this up...

To my silly, little FB on her 2nd birthday,

I love the creature that you are! I love your curiosity, your determination, your wit, and your sweet spirit. As challenging as some of these may be in a toddler, these traits will make one terrific grown woman! I pray that I help you to become the woman God wants you to be. I pray I never squash something He put in you because I don't understand it. There is no one like you and I am blessed to be your mommy! You are loved, you are amazing, you are Fake Banana!

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  1. I will never forget when FB had her accident with the stove/broiler. It was at that moment I became in total awe of your awesome mommy skills. Happy Birthday FB!!! Try to be easy on mommy in the next few days, I would say months, but we both know that would be useless ;o)