Monday, November 22, 2010

Mother Dearest

It's that time of year again, turkey, dressing, pie, and all the goodness that makes way for Christmas. But I'm going to talk about something else that I celebrate this time of year... my Mommy! I love that her b-day falls right around Thanksgiving, and sometimes even the day of. Pondering the meaning of Thanksgiving and giving thanks to her just seems more special with her b-day tied in. Sometimes I'm able to get a gift, most times she gets something hand-made from the kids, but always she gets my respect! She is a gem of a woman! Her life as a whole has been far from easy and she's had to fight hard for her happiness, but she's done it! I hope one day my kids will see even a glimpse of her strength in me.

One of my favorite memories of her when I was little (because it reassures me that I'm not the only mom who sometimes hates her name) is when she'd get tired of hearing "Mom, mom, mom, mommy, momma, mom, mommy!" She would then inform my sister and me that she had changed her name, and when we would ask what her new name was she would sometimes say "I'm not telling!" and other times she'd ask us to call her "Mother Dearest". I don't think we ever fell for it, and so far my kids haven't either!

I love you, mother dearest! Happy Birthday to you!

Sometime in 1980

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